International Partnerships

Second Baptist Church is currently involved in the following international partnerships:

East Asia -We're working amongst an unreached people group of 300,000 people with very few known believers. We are prayerwalking, storying, and sharing the gospel.

Strategy Coordinator: David
Prayer Coordinator: David
Bolivia - Our primary focus is in the small remote village of Bahia Negro, an area with approximately 80 people with little access to the Gospel. We are storying and sharing the gospel there, as well as reaching out to explore neighboring areas where there are no evangelical churches.

Strategy Coordinator: Ray Sapp
Prayer Coordinator: Amy Vincent

West Africa -Second Baptist Church is involved in a church planting work in West Africa in cooperation with the Moriah Baptist Association.

In this greatly unreached people group, we are seeing men and women beginning to respond to the gospel, follow in believers' baptism, and begin discipleship. Current teams continue to spread gospel seeds but are also transitioning into a heavy emphasis on discipling the new believers.

Strategy and Prayer Coordinator for SBC: Barbara Whitaker

Mexico - We are working with a church planting effort in Mexico, entering into areas where there are no evangelical churches to prayerwalk, share the gospel, and connect with people who are seeking to know God.

Strategy Coordinators: Mark & Susan Blackmon
Prayer Coordinator: Susan Blackmon

South Asia - We are working in an area of South Asia where there is approximately 500,000 people and only an estimated .12% are followers of Jesus

Strategy Coordinators: David
Prayer Coordinator: Angela

In addition to our partnership missions teams, God is sending teams into other areas of the world to impact the world for Jesus Christ.