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Something begins to stir within you as you listen to the message during the Sunday service. This is just what you needed to hear and you would like to revisit the ideas again. Or perhaps the message focused on an issue that a good friend is currently dealing with and you want to pass it along. Or maybe you can't make it to SBC on a Sunday, but you want to plug the teaching into your life.

That's why we give you the option to download the messages directly from the list of MP3 files below.

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  • Legacy sermon series

message speaker date watch notes
Jesus - The Promise of Christmas
Dr. Brian Saxon 12/22/2013
The Five W's of the Christmas Story
Dr. Brian Saxon 12/15/2013
The Birth of a King
Dr. Brian Saxon 12/8/2013
Thank You Theology
Dr. Brian Saxon 11/17/2013
AWANA with Bill Fugel
Bill Fugel 11/3/2013
Be Second
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/27/2013
Be Committed to Encouragement
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/20/2013
Be Committed to Growing
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/13/2013
Be Committed to Giving
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/6/2013
Be Committed to Missions
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/29/2013
Be Committed to Service
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/22/2013
Be Committed to Evangelism
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/15/2013
Be Committed to Discipleship
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/8/2013
Be Committed to Worship
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/1/2013
Be Committed to Commitment
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/25/2013
The Bible is Sufficient
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/18/2013
Passing On the Faith
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/11/2013
Guest Speaker
Dr. Alex McFarland 8/4/2013
Marks of a Good Worker
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/28/2013
Marks of a Good Worker
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/28/2013
Finding Courage in God
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/21/2013
Finding Contentment in God
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/14/2013
Legacy of a Deacon
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/7/2013
A Glorious Gospel
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/30/2013
A Legacy of Healthy Teaching
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/23/2013
A Father's Vision
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/16/2013
Special Speaker
Special Guest Speaker 6/9/2013
A Legacy of Forgiveness (pt. 2)
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/2/2013
A Legacy of Forgiveness
Dr. Brian Saxon 5/26/2013
The Lord Will Provide
Dr. Brian Saxon 5/19/2013
The Legacy of Motherhood
Dr. Brian Saxon 5/12/2013
Alex McFarland
Dr. Alex McFarland 5/5/2013
Boast in the Lord
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/28/2013
Looking for the Lost
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/21/2013
Who Will Speak?
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/14/2013
God has already defined Marriage
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/7/2013
Hope in an Empty Tomb
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/31/2013
The Lord's Supper
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/24/2013
Situational Awareness
Dr. Alex McFarland 3/20/2013
How the Family is Like a Gospel Tract
Dr. Alex McFarland 3/19/2013
In God We Trust
Dr. Alex McFarland 3/18/2013
Five Facts About Salvation That God Wants You to Know
Dr. Alex McFarland 3/17/2013
Why Jesus Died on the Cross: 10 Basic Reasons
Dr. Alex McFarland 3/17/2013
A Stable Faith
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/10/2013
Jesus Saves
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/3/2013
The Heart of the Matter
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/24/2013
AM Service Cancelled Due To Snow
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/17/2013
Legacy in a Name
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/10/2013
God's Timing is Best
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/3/2013
God Gives Assurance
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/27/2013
A Legacy of Compromise
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/20/2013
Legacy of Faith
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/13/2013

Rivers of Living Water

  • Rivers of Living Water

message speaker date watch notes
Rivers of Living Water
Rev. Marshall Fagg 1/6/2013

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