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Something begins to stir within you as you listen to the message during the Sunday service. This is just what you needed to hear and you would like to revisit the ideas again. Or perhaps the message focused on an issue that a good friend is currently dealing with and you want to pass it along. Or maybe you can't make it to SBC on a Sunday, but you want to plug the teaching into your life.

That's why we give you the option to download the messages directly from the list of MP3 files below.

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Victory Through Christ

  • Sermon by Brandon Helms

message speaker date watch notes
Victory Through Christ
Rev. Brandon Helms 12/28/2014

The Christmas Story

  • The Christmas Story

message speaker date watch notes
Christmas Patience
Dr. Brian Saxon 12/21/2014
Why the Magi?
Dr. Brian Saxon 12/14/2014
Why The Dirty Shepherd's
Dr. Brian Saxon 12/7/2014

Sin's Snare

  • Sermon by Brandon Helms

message speaker date watch notes
Sin's Snare
Rev. Brandon Helms 11/30/2014

Stress Less

  • How is a Christian supposed to handle stress? Through this six week study we will address that question and see what God says about stress and how to “stress less".

message speaker date watch notes
Stress Less In God's Peace
Dr. Brian Saxon 11/23/2014
Stress Less in Contentment
Dr. Brian Saxon 11/16/2014
Stress Less In God's Care
Dr. Brian Saxon 11/9/2014
Stress Less Through Prayer
Dr. Brian Saxon 11/2/2014
Stress Less
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/26/2014

Never Give Up

  • A study in the book of 2 Corinthians.

message speaker date watch notes
Final Exam
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/19/2014
God's Grace is Sufficient
Dr. Brian Saxon 10/12/2014
There's and App for That
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/28/2014
The Measure of Ministry
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/21/2014
Grace Giving
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/14/2014
A Place of Lasting Relationships
Dr. Brian Saxon 9/7/2014
Ambassadors of Christ
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/31/2014
No Fear in Death
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/24/2014
Don't Lose Heart
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/17/2014
Get on the ball or die!
Dr. Brian Saxon 8/10/2014
Is Attitude Everything?
Rev. Brandon Helms 8/3/2014
Clay Pots
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/27/2014
His Workmanship
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/20/2014
How do You Look at Your Ministry?
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/13/2014
A Transformed Life
Dr. Brian Saxon 7/6/2014
Servants of a New Covenant
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/29/2014
The Beauty of Forgiveness
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/22/2014
Father's Get a Bad Rap
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/15/2014
Agency D3
Pastor Brandon Helms 6/8/2014
How is your conscience?
Dr. Brian Saxon 6/1/2014
Never Give Up
Dr. Brian Saxon 5/25/2014


  • The Gospel sermon series

message speaker date watch notes
Struggles through the Storms of Life
Pastor Brandon Helms 5/18/2014
Running on Empty
Dr. Brian Saxon 5/11/2014
Gospel - Centered Church
Dr. Brian Saxon 5/4/2014
Gospel-Centered Relationships
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/27/2014
He Has Risen!
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/20/2014
Keeping the Gospel Central - The Lord's Supper
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/13/2014
Does the Gospel give you joy?
Dr. Brian Saxon 4/6/2014
The Gospel, What is it?
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/30/2014

Seasons of Life

  •  Seasons of Life sermon series

message speaker date watch notes
Life is Short
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/23/2014
Stop Existing, and Start Living
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/16/2014
Wisdom in Dealing With Mysteries
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/9/2014
Wisdom in Dealing with Authorities
Dr. Brian Saxon 3/2/2014
Finding Your Way Through Wisdom
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/23/2014
The Madness of Money
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/16/2014
Worship in All Season's
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/9/2014
Building Lasting Relationships
Dr. Brian Saxon 2/2/2014
Every Season Has a Purpose
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/26/2014
Dead End Pursuits
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/19/2014
What's the Use?
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/12/2014
Living With Vision
Dr. Brian Saxon 1/5/2014

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