2nd Watch - Prayer Requests

A House of Prayer

For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. Isaiah 56:7b

These are the words uttered by God through the prophet Isaiah and again by Jesus toward the end of His ministry on earth. This simple utterance captures the heart of God's role for His church on earth: prayer- communion between creation and Himself.

Second Baptist Church deeply desires to be a church God can utilize to reach the nations and to minister to His people that are placed in our care. Prayer is a key component.

2nd Watch prayer ministry is designed to lead people to the Heavenly Father's throne room by providing the following seven components:
  1. Intercessory prayer for individuals, church ministries, the community, and the nation.
  2. A place for individuals or groups to gather together to pray at the church
  3. Increase the awareness of the need for and power of prayer through study and learning opportunities
  4. Dedicated prayer for special occasions within our church life, such as Revivals, Conferences, Mission Trips, Key Sundays, and Community Projects
  5. To specifically lift the needs of the Pastor and staff to our Heavenly Father
  6. Prayer during our worship services and evangelistic efforts
  7. Opportunities for persons to pray for request from their homes
Avenues of Prayer

There are several Avenues available for you to communicate your prayer needs

  • E-mail your request: 
  • Fill out a Connect Card and place it in the offering plate during one of our worship services
  • Visit the prayer room and leave your request there

Click Here for Prayer Guide Book