There's a special place just for you!

We ladies are such a diverse and eclectic group! Some of us need a night off, some of us need a shoulder to cry on, most of us need a good nap, others need a new friend, we all need prayer support, others need an accountability partner, others are looking for a place to belong, a few are in search of personal growth... but what we all need as sisters in Christ is this: we need to hear from God. We need spiritual refreshing. We need focus. We need fellowship. We need opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ. We need a relationship with the Lord Jesus that is ever-growing, ever-vibrant, and always taking us somewhere for the glory of God.

The women's ministry at Second Baptist Church is our place to grow in our walk with Christ. God hasn't placed us here to merely survive; He loves us and His plan is that we thrive as we learn to be mighty women of God.

We hope to see you soon at our next Bible study, luncheon, or women's event. Come on! Let's grow together.


Amanda Steele

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1426 Great Falls Hwy.
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Get Involved

The Hattie Hardin Prayer Group meets at 10 am on the second Tuesday of each month in the prayer room. Please join us for a great time of study, fellowship, and prayer.

This WMU group focuses on prayer and missions as they share together!

Leadership: Margie Points at 803-287-9925

Do you need a little inspiration in your day? Try Lunchspirations! This refreshing time is your opportunity to relax, enjoy a meal, get to know new friends, and hear a word of encouragement from God. Lunchspirations meets for lunch. All ladies are invited! This is a great opportunity for you to invite a friend or coworker to experience God through devotion and Christian fellowship. Each gathering includes the meal, a special program, and door prizes.

For more information contact:

Janet Lutz 

Women on Mission engages women through Bible study, prayer, and service. Come join this circle of friends and grow together in Christ's love!

This group meets every Wednesday at 6:00pm in Room 216

For more information contact:

The Women's Book Club is a great way to meet other women, to enrich your mind with The things of God, and to discuss what you have read with other like-minded Christian women. The Book Club meets during the fall, spring, and even during the summer months in room 206. There is no cost to participate, and each book is available in the church library. The books can be purchased if you wish to do so.

If you're interested in leading this ministry, please contact Amanda Steele at

Wisdom comes from our God! Let's get into God's Word together. God speaks to the heart of women in ways that transform us into the precious jewels He has fashioned us to be. Women's Workbook Bible Studies/ Deeper Pursuits Studies are offered seasonally and are typically taught on Sundays. Studies offered will provide a variety of authors, topics, and levels of study.

If you're interested in leading this ministry, please contact Amanda Steele at

Crochet or knit items, sew or make crafts for various local ministries as a means of sharing Christ's love with others.

No experience required. If our ministry can assist you with a project to support your ministry, just let us know!

If you're interested in leading this ministry, please contact Amanda Steele at